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Set up by Hypnotherapist Chris Thorpe (Cert Hyp CS), Phoenixfeather Therapy is a mobile Hypnotherapy business serving clients in Wiltshire & Hampshire from the comfort of their own homes, allowing anyone to embark on the changes that they want to see in their lives. 

Mirroring the ideals of a Phoenix, why not take advantage of our tried and tested methods to overcome issues that have plagued you, and rise from the ashes of your old life, ready to begin again. 


Putting the Power of Change in Your Hands


Hypnotherapy can be seen as a scary concept, with ideas of mind control or silly games often being considered. The truth though is that it is the client, not the therapist who will hold the control over the changes to be made with hypnotherapy.

The therapist will use their skill to supercharge desires to change and influence the subconscious, but only in ways that are beneficial to you, and only if it's what you really want. If it's not it won't work, simple as really, so why not try it for yourself and take control of your inner phoenix?

What can we help with?


Hypnotherapy and associated treatment plans can be used to help people suffering from a broad range of issues. 

Using tried and tested approaches, tailored to your individual circumstances, here are just a few ideas of how we can help you begin again and rise from the ashes of your old life.

Examples of what we can work on include Stress, Anxiety, Phobias, Weight Management, Motivation, Confidence, Self-Esteem and more, all with treatment plans tailored to your individual needs

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The Cost?



Initial Consultation:


Standard hypnotherapy programme:

£40 / session or £140 for 4 sessions paid up front (£35 / session)


Skype based sessions:

£45 / session or £160 for 4 sessions paid up front (£40 / session)

Stop Smoking Programme:

£150 for 1 x 2 Hour Session, £50 for follow on top up session if required


CDs / Audio Recordings:

£25 / Item

*Additional discounts for Students and Armed Forces, reach out for details. 


Chris is an excellent therapist who helped me to overcome a lot. Thanks to him I'm more confident than ever, I feel like I'm a new me, the real me, someone with the confidence to succeed in anything and everything I do. 

Rosalyn S.


Thanks to Chris I was able to assume control over my stress in ways I had never even dreamed of. I'm now living a stress light life, and have more insight into my stressors and more control over myself and my emotions than I ever imagined possible. The change has been dramatic, and its impact? Fantastic, would definitely recommend and work with him again in the future. 

Steven M.


I must admit I was a little skeptical of hypnotherapy at first, and as an Author I was unsure whether this would really work to help get over my writer's block, but it's been a godsend. Thanks to Phoenixfeather Therapy I've been able to kick start my writing again and I even completed the final draft of my latest novel within 6 weeks of beginning treatment, and I'm not stopping there. I'm more motivated and confident than ever, and looking forward to writing the next chapter of my life. 

Alex B.


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