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Set up by Chris Thorpe, Phoenixfeather Therapy works with clients all over the U.K. from the comfort of their own homes. Chris is a qualified counsellor (Prof. Dip Psy C.) and hypnotherapist (Cert Hyp CS) and holds Accredited memberships with the National Counselling Society and National Hypnotherapy Society.

All services are currently being offered online via Zoom. By working online, clients can access counselling without having to travel for miles, allowing anyone to embark on the changes that they want to see in their lives. 

Mirroring the ideals of a Phoenix, why not take advantage of tried and tested methods to overcome issues that plague you, and rise from the ashes of your old life, ready to begin again. 


Putting the Power of Change in Your Hands


Reaching out to a counsellor or hypnotherapist for the first time can be scary. Often people feel like they are surrendering control to someone else and looking to them to fix their problems for them. 

My approach is one focused on empowerment. I am here to guide and help you on your journey, but it is ultimately your journey to take.


The power sits with you, and I will help you see that and take advantage of strengths you may not even realise you have. 

The power of therapy

What can I help with?


Using tried and tested approaches across both counselling and hypnotherapy I can offer a service tailored to your individual circumstances.


Here are just a few ideas of what we can help you with so you can begin again and rise from the ashes of your old life:

Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Abuse/Trauma, Phobias, Weight Management, Motivation, Confidence, Self-Esteem and more

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The Cost?



Initial Consultations (30 Minutes by phone or Zoom):


Counselling Services:


Pay per session: £45.00

Pay in bulk: £240.00 for 6 sessions (£40.00 / session)

or £420.00 for 12 sessions (£35.00 / session)


Hypnotherapy Services:

Currently unavailable, please reach out to confirm future availability


*Discounts are available for Students, Armed Forces and those on disability benefits, reach out for details. 



Please feel free to contact me by phone or email. Or alternatively fill in the form below, and I will get back to you as soon as I can to discuss your needs in the form of an initial free consultation.

PHONE NUMBER: 07780 708 367

EMAIL: chris@phoenixfeathertherapy.com

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